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A Weird Social Experiment — Tennessee

While I'm not saying that COVID-19 was the government's way of seeing how people act during quarantine, it was a weird experience to say the least. People always say that humans are social animals, and since I am a bit introverted, I never thought that was 100% true until quarantine. You never realize how much you miss being around people until you aren't around them anymore. Not to mention my "single-ness" really hit me hard during all of this. All I wanted to do was hug and cuddle with a partner because I genuinely felt alone.

While I was able to hang out with some friends, socially distanced of course, it was still VERY weird. I am still VERY single, so that hasn't gone away.

All in all, I'm lonely, but I have grown mentally and feel as if I have matured during quarantine. I now have an almost different outlook on life. I'm glad that this happened, for the sake of my own personal growth. Not because of... everything else.

— Darrius Calloway, 16

Chattanooga, Tennessee


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