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Coronacation — France

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I know it sounds weird to call this strange time ‘vacation' but it literally was a fun time for me. Living with a big garden changed my life and I definitely had pity for those who didn't have one. Never mind, the quarantine began well; my parents (who were supposed to get divorced a few weeks before) decided to get back together after seeing that they were enjoying the lockdown with each other. If there there had been no quarantine, my parents would never have gone back together! So it was a great period of introspection for all of us.

Speaking of introspection, confinement particularly helped us "get back to basics," that is to say the family. Indeed, I can say that I had never seen my father so much since he works almost all week in Paris. It helped the four of us to spend more time together. For example we played a French game (every day without even getting bored), which made us laugh together ... and also fight.

In short, these 2 months were essential for the family. But I think they were also for friends. I was able to reconnect with people I love very much and had lost sight of because they were always "too busy." I spent hours on the phone with them so they were less bored. I discovered who I could finally trust and who I really wanted to spend more time with.

I also came out of a toxic relationship that "ruined my life" and took away my energy but I'm not going to detail it because it's past now.

In conclusion, I can affirm that even if I haven't see my friends for a long time I've loved this period! What motivates me the most was the fact that I knew I’ll hang out with my best friends again, party a lot, and be the happiest on earth!

— Gerda Bornhauser, 15

Tours, France


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