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COVID-19 Positivity — Vermont

COVID-19 was an obstacle that nobody really expected. One day we were all stressing about school and sports, the next we were sitting and Zooming into our classes. Every day started to feel just like the last, and there was nothing to look forward to. Life seemed to stop, and while there were momentary things that changed for the better, we all were lonely. Myself and two of my friends created our own brand, #Vtwegotthis. The aim was to help all Vermonters and others feel less lonely. Our plan was to make all feel like they were connected. We soon gained a following of nearly 1,000 followers. We started with a spirit week, with which we were able to get a massive response. Each week we would have a new challenge: to spend time with family, try something new, and step out of their comfort zone. The whole goal was just to get people to “get out.” Every day we're getting more and more people to follow and post on our Facebook page, also called #Vtwegotthis.

Going to different schools, from drastically different worlds, private Catholic school and public school, we were able to connect many people and get notice from many others. We were interviewed multiple times, bringing joy to many other people through the news, even making national headlines in the U.S. Catholic Magazine. Our following grew even wider to the point that we had followers from across the country, and even one in Germany. COVID-19 may have broken us down and tried to separate us, but our whole goal was to help and make people feel as if they belonged. The world needed connection, love, and kindness and that was exactly what we did. COVID-19 may have taken hope from some, but we were able to bring it back, and that is the most rewarding thing that one could ever experience, helping others when things are hard. Often it even helps you, but nothing could bring more satisfaction to a person than helping those who need it — making days brighter, even in the darkness that enshrouded all.

— Sydney Adreon, 16

Vergennes, Vermont


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