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COVID in the Provinces — Canada

The journey of the COVID-19 pandemic, from my home, Montreal, Canada. On March 13th, 2020, we started our two week quarantine. Grocery stores were closing, and families were separated. Women started giving birth with nobody by their side. In our head, we still counted down those 14 days and expected to go back to our normal life. In reality, we weren’t getting out of that quarantine for an extended period.

After being stuck in our house bubble for months and months, June 16th finally rolled around. Hairdressers, nail salons, and some restaurants opened. The first day of fresh air was a small reminder of what life would feel like again. Quickly after that, our COVID-19 numbers went up, not drastically, but enough to close a portion of the stores. We knew this virus wasn’t going away without a fight. After a week or two, restaurants and more stores opened up. With only outside seating available, or 4-6 people in stores, our numbers were staying constant or decreasing. We were finally seeing something positive. In September, daycares, elementary, and secondary schools opened for students to come and learn. Cegeps (pre-universities) and universities will be online for this semester.

In my personal opinion, the pandemic helped me get a fresh start. My mental state became clear, I fell in love with working out and making a fresh start for my body. It helped me find confidence in myself, learn new skills and fuel my body with the nutrients it needed. It was also an eye-opener: things can change so drastically in 24 hours. We should all be living life to the best and spending it with who we love.

Thankfully, my family stayed safe and healthy. My heart goes out to everyone who went through horrible situations in the past few months. I send my positive vibes to all of you and your families.

— Jordan Hoppenheim, 18

Montreal, Canada


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