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Hibernation — Mexico

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

My quarantine has been as boring as a bear in hibernation. Since my mom has respiratory problems I can’t go out at all, so I have to stay at home all day without seeing my friends. This would’ve been easier if I had time to say goodbye, but when school announced that it was optional to go, I stopped going (March 5th). The first problem I had thanks to quarantine was that on March 6th I was going to travel to Houston, Texas to see my best friend but the USA closed the borders, so I couldn’t go. Then quarantine and online school began. This was extremely boring because I had to get up at 7:30 to bathe and everything so that in the end I ended up in my room in a class that I didn’t pay attention to for the rest of the year. As if that were not enough, the teachers thought that they were the only ones giving work so they sent a thousand assignments and projects and all for the next day.

The good thing is that I’m at home, so at first I went to the pool and to the garden but now I hardly ever leave my room because I got bored with that. Quarantine has been very difficult because I went from a life where I went out every weekend and during the week to not being able to go out at all. We have always been involved in helping people so we decided to donate a good amount of money to hospitals for masks and more. I hope everyone is doing well and that this pandemic will be over soon.

— Lluvia Zariñan, 14

Mexico City, Mexico


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