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New Beginnings — Massachusetts

For the past year, I had been trapped in an unhealthy relationship, and I had tried many times to get out of it, to no avail. A week before quarantine started, I decided to break up with him, for the last time. I know that he was the last part of my “old life” I had to let go of before I could start to grow. The day I broke up with him, I decided I was going to become a better me, I let go of all of my old unhealthy habits and really worked on myself. I started eating better and exercising every day for hours. Being stuck inside made it really easy to stay on track, because I couldn’t go out to eat, and I had nothing to do but go to the basement and workout. The most important part of staying on track was avoiding going back to my ex, and having quarantine as an excuse to not see him was just the motivation I needed.

Throughout quarantine things got hard: my mother lost her job, I was no longer working, and my grandmother got really sick, so someone had to watch her 24/7. Life got tough, and not only for me. It was very easy to pile on all the negative events that were surrounding me in my life and online; however, I knew that would pull me back into an unhealthy mindset. Instead of complaining about the situation our world was in, I put on a smile and was thankful for every single thing that came my way.

Now, eight months later, I’m 75 pounds lighter, and the happiest, healthiest I’ve ever been. My relationship with my family is at its peak; I’m overall a kinder and more spontaneous person and I love it. I know that when March 13th hit and everything in Massachusetts got shut down, everyone was so upset. No more parties, movies, sports, school, but all I saw was an opportunity to change my life without any distractions. I’m so incredibly proud of what I’ve done and where I am now. I will always look back on this time and remember how hard I worked to get where I am today.

— Isabella Carrara, 18

Wayland, Massachusetts


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