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Stop and Go — Mexico

It’s awesome how life changes in the blink of an eye for many reasons, in this case it's our turn to live something different that nobody saw coming. This pandemic revolutionized the lives of many people around the world, it is an event that is marking our life in multiple ways. In my case, it all started as a long vacation, a vacation on which I learned that not everything you plan or expect is as you imagine it; many times it can be better or worse. In my opinion, I feel that what we are experiencing right now is a stage for us to value what we have and learn to give time to everything. I personally have highly valued spending more time with my family, because normally we follow a routine from Monday to Friday in which we live holding on to responsibilities that often do not allow us to give ourselves time for what is really important. At this moment I know that not everything has been easy for everyone because it is something that was not in anyone's plans, but what I do know is that this is the best time to reflect on what we have been doing well and what is really happening to us, even if it is affecting you and not letting you be the person you want to be. My conclusion is that for me it is a time to say stop because a time of reflection is what the world needs right now, but this means that you have to go on as a better person.

— Isabella Rodriguez, 15

Mexico City, Mexico


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