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Take Care — Ukraine

Exactly a year has passed since the start of the pandemic in 2020. At the time, my holidays had finished and I began to study, but it only lasted for a couple of weeks. All schools and universities started remote studying. Everyone was happy but not for so long.

After months, it seemed so difficult for me. but I kept a positive mindset and saw it as a new challenge. Since I’m keen on football and I need to keep a good physical form, I found a lot of exercises that I could do at home.

The weather was warm and sunny, reminding us of the times when we went out and met with friends as we really miss them, relatives, and our ordinary life. I visited my grandmother every weekend during these months, and helped her by purchasing groceries, products, medicine, and other things, as I used to do before the pandemic.

The main problem for me and other students was studying and taking classes remotely. Complex subjects in college are hard, and it only got worse: the information found online wasn’t enough, and what I found was difficult to understand. In addition, we didn’t have enough practice needed to assimilate the material. However, over time I got used to it and finished it well.

Now that we have fewer cases and the pandemic seems more under control in the country, I started working as a child counselor at a summer camp. It’s my first time working as a camp counselor, and the work comes with challenges, but I enjoy the process. I made a lot of new friends and I like to spend time with children. Since our camp followed all pandemic safety guidelines, it happened with no problems. If I were to describe all the events taking place in the camp, I could write a whole book.

Quarantine has changed my daily life and it still has an impact to this day. My family and I have adapted to the new norm; thanks to mutual understanding, love, and support, we find new ways and opportunities to keep moving forward. Comply with quarantine regulations, help others, and stay calm.

— Aleksey Voronchihin, 20

Kharkov, Ukraine


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