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Ups and Downs – Hawaii

This journey of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge roller coaster for all of us. From the first case that was announced in Hawaii, I could never have imagined that a single case would spread throughout the whole island within a month as fast as it did. It became extremely serious: everyone was quarantined and all places open to the public were closed, including schools and workplaces. Everyone has had their ups and downs throughout this pandemic and a variety of businesses have closed, causing many families to face unemployment, including my parents, which changed my life.

There is one thing this pandemic has helped me with, which is self love. I have been stuck at home for months now and I’ve learned more about myself and that I should love every part of me. Many people have insecurities, including myself, and with the amount of time I spent at home, I have developed and learned how to love and accept myself more. This past year also gave me more time to bond with family. Throughout this year, I have spent more of my time with my family than ever. I really hope the vaccine, which has recently been introduced to the world, helps halt the COVID-19 virus as soon as possible. People who risk their lives working outside of their homes behind a mask in these challenging and dangerous conditions are our heroes. Be safe, healthy, and wear a mask!

— Chanel Lau, 15

Honolulu, Hawaii


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